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Hey, I'm Kendra. I stink at writing "about me" things. Maybe it's because it feels narcissistic. Maybe it's because if I personally want to get to know someone, I would rather hear their story while drinking some hot tea and asking questions that answer more than what you would introduce yourself as.

But oh well, I'll give it a shot. Here are a few things about me.
  • as a former barista, I like making and drinking good coffee
  • I like dressing up (sometimes) 
  • listening to old music and jon foreman is a thing I do 
  • I'm very grateful to have wonderful friends that I get to laugh hard with 
  • I write a lot 
  • I learn at New York Institute of Photography 
  • my job is that I get to photograph people & people getting married
  • flying on planes and riding in rickshaws doesn't feel odd to me anymore 
  • burgers and pizza are good to eat, but I like my healthy good-for-you food too 
  • music has always been in my life and always will be 
  • Jesus is my savior, my hope and my love (all to Him I owe) 

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  1. ur so pretty Kendra!!!

    love you,

  2. I want that horse. Really bad. :-P I can't stand winter either, even though we only get a teeeeeeeeny bit of snow once or twice. I hate cold.

    I'm also a music crazy person... except I like country. My family loves teasing me because I'm the only one who likes country. Justin Beiber... I don't like him, but that's just because I don't like pop/rap. He's kind of good looking... I will give him that. :-P The only song I like of his a leetle bit is 'Pray'. I prefer Taylor Swift, Hunter Hayes, anybody country. :-P

    hehe, I've got brown eyes and brown hair, too. But my hair is kind of shortish. I'm trying to grow it out, but I like short hair. :-)

    Okay, I will shut up now. :-P I still want that horse, BTW. :-P

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  4. Hey Kendra,
    I was just looking at your about me page, and I'm a lot like you. ;) I am 15, have brown hair and brown eyes; I am about 6' tall and love country life. :) I have 8 brothers and sisters. ;) Except I am the youngest. Also, I love Jesus, and I am a Christian. Isn't a blessing to have Him as your best friend? It's so neat to meet people who can relate. :)

    I love your blog, BTW. Lovely posts!!



  5. I love your blog layouts that you have made!
    Way cute blog ;)

  6. Hey Kendra! I'm your newest follower...you have a really nice blog! :) I like people & laughing & love Jesus too. :)
    ~ Sarah Wood

    p.s. You look like Emma Stone in that ^ picture. :)


  7. You're such a beautiful soul. :)

  8. You are truly a precious young lady! I will be praying God keeps you safe and you arrive home well and happy.
    Your transition may not be easy, but you will figure it out and move on. I hope you will be going to college and experience the American Dream Kendra. With your zest for life the sky is the limit!


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