Tuesday, March 29, 2016

my first love

photos from North Carolina trip in December

oh you 
more satisfying than them all
always with me and for who i am 
you will dwell in my heart forever
forever broken for you and for your people
with you i am free; with you i laugh 
with you i can be just who i am 
i am recklessly in love with all you are
the way you mold stories together
how you placed the mountains as they touch your skies 
all of it leaves me breathless from beauty 
you love earnestly and eternally, with real love
real love that accepts but challenges
real love that forgives and forgets
oh my love, could i just sit here with you 
letting you fill this battered heart 
you are merciful and true 
oh my love, just a taste of you fills me
for in you i can trust 
all the others will come and go 
pieces of my heart shattered, but you go and make it into new 
mend it into something more beautiful 
your love lets me learn to love more 
oh you, my forever love 


  1. Aw I love this! Beautiful words and pictures! <3

  2. These photos are stunning!! And the words...beautiful!!!

  3. So beautiful. I wish I were here! You are a real romantic. It seems like the nature in your photos comes to life. You need to do masterclasses on the design of blogs. I also maintain a blog and try to support it in an up-to-date format. If you are interested this is my mobile app optimization blog.


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