Sunday, March 6, 2016

letting love reign

It's hard. It's hard to let love live in you, ruling over all other desires. We want a lot besides love: material things, lust, fame, comfort . . . maybe we would rather just have someone love us instead of loving them.

We get love confused with a lot of things. And then, somehow, we forget to love at all. Or maybe we forget how to learn to love. Love doesn't come perfectly to imperfect people. It's something we learn, something we pray for.

A friend once told me that if you pour all you are, all your love into one thing or person it will always fail. I think I have to disagree. Because love gives all it is and never fails. Isn't that what Jesus did and still does?

Thing is, I'm a complete wreck. If I tried to love someone on my own with myself and only myself . . . well, you'd better run away quick. My love is flawed and incomplete mixed with selfishness and fear of distrust. I say things I don't mean and have a hard times saying the things I do mean.

I need Jesus. I need a higher love; the real kind of love. I need it everyday, because without that love, I mess up. Without that love I think my friend would be right. Heck, my love would run right out in a day if I tried to pour it into someone. But we have a love that runs red and a fountain that doesn't run dry, a Jesus kind of love. I've loved a lot: a lot of places, a lot of people. All that has been stripped from my hands and torn from my heart. I wouldn't be able to keep going everyday if I didn't have Jesus. I'd have a really hard heart, unable to love again.

"Tis better to have loved and to have lost then to have never loved at all." Alfred Lord Tennyson 

With the Jesus kind of love, can we ever lose?


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