Sunday, March 22, 2015

road trip

(written two days ago) 

Took off on a two week road trip five days ago with some cool people (my brother Max and my grandparents). There’s so many wonderful things to see that I don’t know how to take it all in — it’s a good kind of thing. So far we’ve been to canyons, seen mountains bigger than I’ve ever seen before and I think I’m gonna end up leaving my heart in a million places. Also, I think my roaming heart is learning (slowly, but still learning) to trust and I haven’t been overthinking to the sleepless point. That’s good. 

Outside this window there are mountains and frost-clothed pine trees covering them. Fog hovers over the very tips of the mountains. It’s wonderful; that’s all I can say.

cue the random pictures. 


  1. oh my word, the beauty!!! i love the mountains, ugh! where did you drive through??


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