Saturday, February 21, 2015

cold days

The weather has been frigid here and though the colors are dull, life in itself is never dull. There's always something going on. I've been working at the coffeeshop a lot and maybe I should post about that sometime. After all, I'm there almost everyday and have been since over a year now.

Sitting here in the coffeeshop, I'm staring at the antique buildings across the street and the sleet pouring down from the sky. Snow is piled high on the sidewalks and it's not so white anymore. The trees look bare and naked; ice clinging to the thin branches. It's dreary and a bit dull, but always changing. I don't think I'll ever get used to the change of life . . . it's always there but I never see it coming and it surprises me every time.

Life is full of surprises, of joys and aches, of fears and doubts -- constantly changing. It's crazy and it makes my head spin sometimes, but I still like it.


  1. These are absolutely gorgeous photos!! I love that first one. So lovely!!

  2. these are lovely, Kendra! <3 winter is my absolute favorite... i only wish we got more snow here in the mountains of Arizona, but hey, at least it's actually snowing here today! ;)

    and your words are lovely, too. life is full of twists and turns, cracked hearts and clinging fingers and yet, inspite of the patterns and tradition, there are always things that surprise us. good things, bad things... but i suppose that's just life. :) xox

    1. snow is the best! the cold isn't my favorite but there's still good things about it. I like how you describe life!

  3. i feel cold just looking at those, so pretty!! and i tagged you in #profoundly loved blog party!

  4. As a winter lover, I absolutely love these pictures!!!


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