Wednesday, February 25, 2015

7 ways to be productive

(the fact that this post has been in my drafts for months now is a little ironic but we can move past that, right?)

I wrote this especially for us people who are in charge of their own work (there's no boss or teacher hanging over your shoulder making you get things done) but really, it can apply to anyone. In all honesty: it's up to you to do what you need to do.

so here's my tips and I hope they help. and I never write these kinds of posts so when I say I hope it helps, I really am hoping.

I. wake up at a reasonable time
I know not everyone is a morning person and if staying up late is your style, then do it. But don't sleep the day away. There's something about starting a new day with a fresh morning.

II. start your day right. 
This might sound similar to the above, but it's not the same thing. You can wake up as early as you like and still start the day wrong. I know some mornings I just throw on some clothes and head out the door, but it's good to take it slow. Have a cup of coffee or tea, read or journal, listen to a good song, or just sit and think about your day before it starts. Setting out what you're going to wear the night before is helpful if you're getting dressed in the dark or if you never can decide what you want to wear.

III. plan your day. 
This varies from person-to-person, like a lot of these tips do. Some people like to have every hour of their day planned and others don't like to have anything planned at all. And while planning every hour of my day would drive me crazy, I know that I'm not that productive if I don't have anything planned out at all. I usually will write out a list of the things that I want to accomplish the night before. They could be things like "go for a run" or "start on this project" or "edit my book". Then if I have things that I absolutely have to do, I'll write that down and the time it has to be done. I'm terrible with time so writing things down helps me.

IV. just do it.
Yeah, I'm stealing Nike's line, but this is true. Get off your butt and do whatever you need to do. I remember when I was still studying all the time and I would do the thing I hated first: math. Whatever you hate the most, do that first. If you save it until later I can promise you that the chances of you doing it then are much less. Then the rest of the day goes much better.

IIV. don't be too hard on yourself.
While I'm not exactly a workaholic (or I'm not the kind of person who enjoys working herself to death), I can be very hard on myself and that isn't helpful or productive. So yes, just do the work or school you're supposed to, but also give yourself a break. Don't just work the whole day straight or else you'll burn yourself out. and reward yourself for when you "just do it" and get stuff done.

V. learn how ya work. 
Maybe you work best with every hour of your day planned out, but if you're the opposite that's okay, too. Maybe you learn best in a silent library or maybe in the hustle and bustle of the local coffeeshop. Or maybe you can stay focused with music or maybe music distracts you. Whatever it is, learn and experiment until you find your groove.

VI. make sure to eat. and take care of yourself. 
I'm either thinking about food every second or I get caught up in something and forget to eat completely. whatever happens, make sure to eat. Also, don't forget to get moving. I used to hear people say that you need to workout everyday and while I think that's great, one of my jobs is pretty exhausting since I'm on my feet the whole time. Coming home and working out is the last thing I wanna do. But then if I have a day where I'm sitting down editing pictures or writing, I make sure to go for a walk or do something that gets my blood pumping.

Those are my tips . . . what helps you? tell in the comment section below!


  1. I love these, Kendra! A very motivating post :)

  2. these are so great! getting up earlier is definitely a huge help even though i tend to be a night owl, those extra hours can seriously be so helpful. love all of these!

  3. FINALLY! The post we've been talking about since summer and after!

  4. Great tips!! Getting up early helps me a bunch!! (confession: I rarely get up early) (but I'm working on it!)...also writing down to-do lists helps me keep on track and not feel like my whole day has been a waste!

    Loved this post!


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