Wednesday, December 31, 2014

the year of commotion ends

I guess 2014 wasn't bad, but it was crazy and beautiful and reviving and confusing all at the same time. It went by fast; I know that. 2014 was the fastest year of my life and someone else, someone more experienced than me, told me that it just keeps getting faster. That thought scares me.

If I could describe this year, I would say it was like when you're staring out the car window and going fast, while everything slips by you in a blur. This year was a blurry one. I got back from Chad at the end of 2013 and I felt like I was thrust into a completely new world at the beginning of 2014. I starting getting used to being a barista (ok, I'm still not used to it and I'll always be learning things even now), I started a semester of nursing at a vocational school and then finished that semester. I hated feeling like I didn't have time to do all things I get excited about, like writing, making photographs and working on all the random projects I do. I missed not feeling overwhelmed with school and though I was learning, it wasn't easy. During all this, I bought a car and started driving on my own -- boy, am I thankful for my Passport! I still can't really believe it's mine. I kept studying over the summer when nursing classes ended. I officially started my photography business (which is crazy to think about). Seeing my friend Hannah in Georgia at the end of summer was definitely a highlight of this year! Then after that I felt like my life consisted of studying and more studying. Oh, and I finished another draft of a book. (I need to re-write/edit all these books in 2015.) Honestly, the last few months have been a little exhausting and rough, but I'm okay. God is good; He's always here and He doesn't give up on me. Remembering that is what keeps me going somedays.

With all that being said; bring on 2015!

some fave pics from the past year . . .


  1. Beautiful pics, sweet girl. My fav is prob the one of Petra with her Bach to you on the swing. So many good things for you ok 2014 and 2015 will, no doubt, be full as well:). Just keep being your totally awesome, Jesus lovin' self.

    1. Whoops, back corrected to Bach. Gotta love autocorrect;).


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