Wednesday, December 24, 2014

slow down

Hey you yes, you with the many things you have to get done and the to-do list that never seems to end. Yes, you with all your plans looming above you like dark peaks; plans forever haunting you in the back of your head. It seems to never end, doesn't it? It's possible to stop, ya know, to escape. Actually, it's not just possible and it's not only attainable. It's essential. No one should live like they're always rushing; no one can ever live like that and if they do . . . well, then they're not truly living.

So today (yeah, I know it's Christmas eve and you still have all those things to do) step back and breathe. Let go of the darkness and let it pass. Is what you're worrying about worth keeping you from living your life full? Is it worth missing out? I know it's easy to get stressed, especially this time of year, but do you want to rejoice this season or not? You can't be content if you're constantly grasping for the next thing. So sit back. Take a deep breath and just be. Be where you are; be okay with that.


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