Wednesday, September 3, 2014

oh hey Brunswick

I left for Brunswick five days ago and maybe I should've at least let social media peeps know what I was up to, but oh well. I'm staying with a very good friend and we've been up to all kinds of things. Hannah (the very good friend ha) is an artist and a photographer at that, so we've been up to creative things like editing pictures and staying up in the early morn hours planning photoshoots. We've also done non-creative things like work on homework and watching Pride and Prejudice.

Sometimes it's good for the soul to get away and be somewhere different, but be somewhere where you still have a place. This was supposed to be a vacation, but it seems like every moment is filled with something else we want to do. Which is ok. Life is too short to just sit around and relax.

Here's to new friends, impromptu photoshoots, long convertible car rides with the top down, and accidentally leaving your phone at home. (And realizing that you didn't really need your phone after all.)

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