Saturday, September 27, 2014

hey you, the kid is back

I threw a bunch of really random pictures from my stay with Hannah in this post just because. We had loads of fun together. Here's a list of some of the things we did. 

  • we probably ate too much sugar
  • we may have had too many photoshoots, including a wedding one. Hannah was the photographer and I was the bride. (there's a pic below somewhere for your entertainment)
  • we may have not gotten enough sleep
  • we may have been pretty silly at times and joked around too much
  • we may have had serious, deep talks before we fell asleep at 3am. 
  • we may have had bursts of creativity at inconvenient times
  • I may or may have not been persistently teased about "getting married". 
  • Hannah may have had a "specialty" coffee drink from me, made with expired peppermint syrup.
  • we may have had dance parties. 
  • we may have driven Hannah's car everywhere with the top down, even in the rain. 
  • we probably didn't do all the things on our list of things to do. 

("on set" with Hannah Elizabeth Photography. oh yeah. )

(dolphins are cool.)

(Hannah being all smug.)

(Hannah being all cool.)

(Hannah being all cute.)

(the beautifully fake wedding party. but at least we're all awkwardly happy.)

(me looking creepier than usual)

(me photobombing one of Hannah's sessions. whoops.)

(btw taking pics of each other taking pics of each other is actually what photographers do.)

(my friends are so gorgeous, you should be jealous.)

(Elizabeth Bennet wearing flip-flops.)

(out-of-focus selfies are the best.)


  1. What? Looks like WAY too much fun. :) And you make a pretty cute bride. Just sayin'. ;)

  2. WOAH, you and Hannah are so beautiful! WOW!

  3. Awe this was so much fun! But I miss you so much. wahhh.


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