Thursday, September 18, 2014

10 rules for life

I need these, too, so I wrote them all down. Now I shouldn't forget them. 

1. always make sure you have enough time to stop, look someone in the eyes, and listen. it means a lot. 

2. sit down and eat a meal at least once a day. this does not include sitting and driving. 

3. stop comparing what everyone else is doing to what you're doing. it's ok to observe, but not to bring other people down or vice versa. 

4. be alone at least once a day or else you'll go nuts. 

5. stop rushing through things and start to really care about what you're doing. 

6. create something new at least once a day. this can be a sketch, an image, a chapter of a book, or anything. 

7. don't look at schoolwork, homework, studying, or whatever you wanna call it as something bad. look at it as learning, because you're always gonna be doing that. 

8. don't be narrow-minded and step into someone else's shoes for a second. 

9. tell the honest truth, even if it hurts you. 

10. don't be afraid to say no or "I can't do this anymore." 

11. it's good to be serious but make sure you laugh, too. your soul needs that. 

12. try to see the best in people but don't always assume they're going to treat you perfectly. we're all human. 

13. remember it's not about you, Kendra. be a servant. 

14. people are great, but people can make you really tired, so just read a book when you need it. and read good books. 

15. go on a lot of long runs and listen to a lot of music loudly. 

16. change can be scary, yet that doesn't mean it's all bad. 

17. smile. because sometimes life is rough and everyone could use a smile. 


  1. I know you were writing these for yourself, but I can so relate to them! I might have to write them down, would that be okay?
    Thanks for sharing!!

    1. yes, that's perfectly okay! I'd be honored.

  2. I love this. I may have to copy your idea on one of my posts.

  3. These are such good things to remember!! Thank you for reminding me :)


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