Monday, July 21, 2014

four things

Maybe I just stop apologizing for not posting more and accept the fact that I'm not good at consistently posting.

Life is chaotic sometimes, in a good way.

Here's four things that have made these past weeks full.

01. Work 

I almost don't wanna call it work, because I like it so much. Don't get me wrong, my first "real" job has been challenging. It's also made me overflow with gratitude and made me realized how blessed I am to be a barista at a place like Harvest. My coworkers are the best and the customers are great (for the most part -- there's a few nutty characters out there).

I'm not naturally outgoing. Some days I think, "If someone asks where the bathroom is one more time, I'm gonna scream." Some days I just give people my most convincing smile when what I really wanna do is go for a long hike in the woods all by myself. It's exhausting. But a good exhausting -- if that makes any sense.

02. Miscellaneous Things

This includes driving to the recycling center or editing a 20 min. vid for my dad's ministry. I think it's this stuff that takes up the most time. It's all so random that I normally don't remember it.

There's also a surprise miscellaneous thing that I'll reveal soon here. Keep your eyes peeled.

03. Studying

I can't say I've done as much of this as I wanted to. Of course, I never can seem to do as much as I want to. I'm mostly working on this US History course that's taking me two years to finish.

04. Having "Chill Time" 

This is normally me recovering from all of the above. I end up lying in my bed with headphones and my computer. I feel like I waste way more time online than I used to. I'm changing that. Goodbye, Netflix. (Yeah, I even deleted my free trial yesterday.)

I'm so tired from everything else that when I come home I want to do absolutely nothing. It's pitiful. I think all my creativity decided to bud wings and fly away forever. Sometimes you have to force yourself to be creative and then the inspiration comes. That's what I think.

Now here's some random pics from work.

Not to brag or anything (ha yeah right) but I can make a pretty good vanilla iced latte.

Some unique buildings across the street.

Our little sign. We use a lot of chalk.

Told you we used a lot of chalk.

I'm not sure if customers think I'm creative, have terrible handwriting, or desperate for tips.

I get to play all the coffee shop music I want. Life is good.


  1. I was a starbucks barista for a little over a year and it definitely had its really fun days but I occasionally wish that I had worked for a local, family owned coffee shop. But the stuff you learn being surrounded by coffee all the time is awesome!

    1. It's great! and yes, I love my small local coffee shop :)

  2. LOVE this. such pretty pictures!

  3. you are so brave that you canceled your netflix account! i couldnt do that :( that coffee looks so good, i am jealos haha.
    I just became your newest follower!

    1. Oh, I'm not that brave. I just had to delete it when I got sick of it. You know how you like something but then you're sick of it at the same time?

      That doesn't make sense. but yeah. I'm not really brave.

  4. yeah, i'm still just a tad jealous that you're work at a coffee shop. as soon as I can drive myself, I'd love love love to be a barista.
    but, until them, i'll just come visit you, hang out at the coffee shop, and let you make me vanilla iced lattes. deal? ;)

    1. Oh yes -- come see me!! I will make you all the iced vanilla lattes you want!

  5. I've worked in a coffee shop for years and it's funny because I never enjoyed coffee while I worked there but a year after I quit, my love for it began.

    I usually switch from wanting to go out all the time to wanting to stay home and watching Netflix on my laptop while cuddling with my cat. It usually just works in phases for me because I get bored of always doing the same thing all the time. I completely understand though because when I do nothing for too long, I feel like such a boring person! Also it gives me nothing to write about! I'm sure you'll find a spark of creativity soon. I always find that it happens so unexpectedly.

    On a side note, I am loving your pictures! I think you might have just inspired me :)

    1. Oh, I didn't like real coffee until I worked at the coffeeshop. Now I like it black. I'm trying not to become addicted to it. haha Thanks for the encouragement! Creativity has got to come soon.

  6. I'm applying to work at a coffee shop in the Fall! This made me want to the job even that more badly!
    So great that you love your job! :)

  7. Your blog is so gorgeous and I love all the photos you take! Can't wait to check it out more.
    xx Erin

  8. I love all the pictures and I want to be a barista. This is a comment.


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