Monday, July 28, 2014

fireworks and stars

This 4th of July I didn't go to the firework show downtown or have a party with a ton of friends. Instead I hung out with a best friend all day and by the time we had eaten dinner, we were exhausted from exploring and biking. I went home, but I didn't feel that tired anymore.

I drove to an abandoned cornfield behind our house and parked the car. I had my camera with me (surprise surprise) and I climbed on the roof of my car to watch the fireworks. I hadn't felt so alive and full in a long time.

I couldn't see the fireworks very well, but I could see the stars. I thought about the stars, how no one really gets together to see them or throws a party because of them. But they're always there and they always shine.

Fireworks are filled with sparks of color and your ears fill with the shrieking sound of them when they are set off. They're thrilling, wonderful and make you tingle with excitement. And then they're gone. The stars stay.

I used to think I was crazy for doing things like comparing stars and fireworks. (My friends probably think I'm crazy, too.) Maybe I am.

But you know what? I'm realizing it's okay to be who you are. It's not just okay, but it's good -- so embrace it. I'm learning, slowly but surely, to embrace me. To embrace the fact that I would rather sit on the top of my car and watch the sky alone than go to a pool party with friends.

It's okay, guys. Just be who you were made to be.


  1. Cool pics - I love the fireworks with the street lamps

  2. And not to mention that you were also on the phone while you were watching the stars but you know.

    1. hahaha I sat there awhile before I called you. ;)

    2. okay good point. you were like "i'll call you right back" and then i sat there for like an hour all by my lonesome :( i thought u had died.

    3. yeah sorry. I should've mentioned the part about the random guys and I was just like "heeeyy." I prob scared them so bad.

  3. "And then they're gone. The stars stay."
    Genius! This is the sweetest thing.


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