Sunday, June 29, 2014

in which I rant and forget about using correct grammar

  • sometimes I refrain from posting because I have no clue what to post about. what do you all want to see here? 
  • lately my emotions have pretty much been all over the place. I don't know what happened.
  • I'm trying to start a photography business and I didn't know making a website live was so much work.
  • this song is good. and this one is, too. don't try to ask me what genre of music I listen to.
  • speaking of music, my fingers are officially calloused and my mind is officially confused. my friend tried to explain scales and keys, etc. to me yesterday. my mind = blown.
  • for some reason vlogs have all of a sudden become more entertaining to me than music videos. half of the vlogs I watch are probably beauty or fashion related. it's embarrassing. 
  • this week has been a little hard but hard stuff is always worth it. I haven't really desired to read my Bible or pray so much as I have lately. it's hard but good. and that makes no sense. 
  • I painted my first painting this month. 
  • it takes me forever to decide if I'm gonna do something and then when I do it I think I should've done something different. I seriously overthink everything. even buying shampoo. 
  • I listened to Christmas music yesterday. 
  • my mom and I have been having serious, deep convos all week and we stayed up late last night texting each other ridiculous pics of ourselves. I love my mom. 
  • I need to stop saying I'll do things later and do them now. 

I'm sure there's other random things to write about but that's all for now. 


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