Wednesday, June 11, 2014

cute bunnies, open windows, and rain

I'm sitting under the window in my room. It's raining and I can feel specks of rain melt on my skin as they come in through the window. Despite the rain, I can still hear the joyful cries of my brothers and sister outside as they play. Despite the rain, light still pours in softly through the windows. I think everything is better with the perfect light.

I'm sitting here, wondering why we waste time doing things that are worthless and will never make a difference. I'm wondering why we don't spend more time changing wrong things and making them right. Wondering why we don't truly love the people around us with all that we are. Time is fleeting and we don't have forever. Maybe we waste time because it's easier. Maybe one day we'll all decide to make a difference and stop wasting time. Maybe one day we'll find that wasting time leaves us completely empty and barren and is so not worth it.

But how do we make a difference?

Sometimes we need to stop trying and struggling to keep the bad out. Sometimes we need to stop screaming for the bad go away.

Maybe we need to just let the good in. It's hard to soak in goodness when you're constantly striving to keep the bad out. Just let the good in, let Him in, and it'll all be ok.

Here's some pics from the past few days, because all of a sudden I thought it would be a good idea to do another "picture a day" challenge. 

for some reason this chicken scares me.

My Grammy paints and she paints well. She teaches me, too. 

I had to post three pictures for yesterday, because the bunny is so cute. We got him for Henry's birthday and he named him "Fufu". Just stop with the cuteness, ok Fufu? 


  1. the bunny pictures... SO CUTE. like the last frame, i can't.


  2. Wow great pictures! I love the picture of the door because it has so much depth! Oh and I liked what you said above. I know personally I waste to much time doing meaningless things when I could be doing something worth while and truly making a diffrence! Thanks for inspiring me. I have to say I'm just a little but jealous that it's raining where you live! I'm from California and we have Hardly seen rain in like 3 years!:(


  3. hey quick question: Do you shoot in Manual?

    Okay, actually, tw--*three*: Do you edit your pictures? What editing program do you use?

    I've been doing picture-a-day, too (Project 365, I believe it's called. ;)), for seven months now! It's been so good for my photography, I encourage everyone to do it!!! :D

  4. Heya Lottie! yeah, I shoot in manual and it's pretty much the best thing ever. I do edit my pics through Lightroom 5 and it's also pretty much the best thing ever. haha. and I use VSCO film presets and tweak them a bit. They're definitely not necessary but have helped me a lot. I think editing is important, it really gives your pics personalization.

    picture- a-day challenges are like the second best thing ever. haha.

    1. Oops! I never thanked you! :P

      Quiet a few people I know use Lightroom, and if I had the money I might invest in it! I currently use Photoshop Elements 11 (my oldest sister has PSC6, and that is waaaay to confusing to me. Not quiet at photoshop level yet! haha!), which is cool, but it doesn't let you do everything. but I still learning. slowly, but I AM learning. XP

      It does! I've really enjoyed looking at your pictures!

      Anyway, thanks!

  5. Such a great reminder. It is so easy to be lazy and to do worthless things but by being conscious of Him in all we do, perhaps we can add a purpose to our daily activities and strive each day to make a difference.
    Praying we can all do that this week x

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  7. loooooveeee. your pictures are marvelous && your words ring so true.

  8. i adore this. your pictures are fantastic, and your writing is so... real. for some reason i thought i was following you, but i wasn't. *ahem* i am now, at least. ;) oh, and thank you, by the way, for your lovely comments on my blog. they're so heartfelt, sincere + honest, and it's refreshing. :) xx


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