Wednesday, June 18, 2014

7 blogs I think you should follow

kenzie kate photography: because her photos are spectacular and who doesn't want to look at spectacular photos of cute couples? 

lucia marie / / the road less traveled: because I like her posts and she hasn't posted in awhile, and maybe if you all go over there and comment she'll post again. oh yeah, and her pics are great, too. 

Unoriginal Originality: because she's witty and funny, plus she travels. and takes pictures of her travels. 

carlotta cisternas: because she's in Africa like I was last year for the same amount of time that I was. and because her writing is wonderfully simple & original. her pics are, too. 

in reckless abandon: because if you go read her blog, you'll get hungry from all the yummy photos and recipes. 

Megan Kristine: 'cause her writing is the bomb and you guessed it -- her pics are great. 

Grace of my Redeemer: because she's creative and likes to talk about Jesus.

Just thought I'd share a couple of my faves (even though I have wayyy more than just six). Comment below with your blog or someone else's you enjoy reading.


  1. "Because she's creative and loves to talk about Jesus" is the most awesome reason to follow a blog EVER.

    Here's a link to mine: www.esoprup.blogspot.com

  2. aww, you seriously are so sweet. thank you so much for linking to my blog! it was totally an awesome surprise because i was like "yay, i need some new blogs to follow" and then i saw mine. :D basically, you just totally made my day!

  3. http://abbeydeer.blogspot.com/2014/06/tennessee.html this is one of my favorites!!

    Oh and I love Lucia's!

    and mine: http://eleganceeverlasting.blogspot.com/

  4. Wow! You and I have very similar tastes! I'm looking through this list going "I love that one! Oh, and that one too... and that one!"
    Love it! <3

  5. I also went through your list going, "That's one of my favorites! I love that one!" ;)
    You are so sweet to link to people's blogs, dear.

  6. Thanks for the recommendations! I'll head to check these out right now.


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