Sunday, June 29, 2014

in which I rant and forget about using correct grammar

  • sometimes I refrain from posting because I have no clue what to post about. what do you all want to see here? 
  • lately my emotions have pretty much been all over the place. I don't know what happened.
  • I'm trying to start a photography business and I didn't know making a website live was so much work.
  • this song is good. and this one is, too. don't try to ask me what genre of music I listen to.
  • speaking of music, my fingers are officially calloused and my mind is officially confused. my friend tried to explain scales and keys, etc. to me yesterday. my mind = blown.
  • for some reason vlogs have all of a sudden become more entertaining to me than music videos. half of the vlogs I watch are probably beauty or fashion related. it's embarrassing. 
  • this week has been a little hard but hard stuff is always worth it. I haven't really desired to read my Bible or pray so much as I have lately. it's hard but good. and that makes no sense. 
  • I painted my first painting this month. 
  • it takes me forever to decide if I'm gonna do something and then when I do it I think I should've done something different. I seriously overthink everything. even buying shampoo. 
  • I listened to Christmas music yesterday. 
  • my mom and I have been having serious, deep convos all week and we stayed up late last night texting each other ridiculous pics of ourselves. I love my mom. 
  • I need to stop saying I'll do things later and do them now. 

I'm sure there's other random things to write about but that's all for now. 

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

life lately

I toasted almonds and asparagus, then drizzled olive oil on top. It was an interesting combination -- but good.

A selfie (or self portrait, as us photographer peeps like to say), because I'm bad at this and need to get better.

My bed while I was in the middle of doing numerous things.

I went to Frankfort in the middle of the day by myself and took pictures of the capital. It was hot.

Pool reflections.

Some random numbers I found on the back of my headboard while rearranging my room.

Life has been good lately. I've been working at the coffeehouse a lot and I have all these ideas and projects I want to do, but only so much time. Summer seems to be flying by, but I'm so glad it's here. 

I'm learning (for like the 50th time) to trust God, to know that He is in control and whatever happens -- it's gonna be ok. (I think I've said "it's gonna be ok" wayyy too much lately.) 

But it really is. 

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

7 blogs I think you should follow

kenzie kate photography: because her photos are spectacular and who doesn't want to look at spectacular photos of cute couples? 

lucia marie / / the road less traveled: because I like her posts and she hasn't posted in awhile, and maybe if you all go over there and comment she'll post again. oh yeah, and her pics are great, too. 

Unoriginal Originality: because she's witty and funny, plus she travels. and takes pictures of her travels. 

carlotta cisternas: because she's in Africa like I was last year for the same amount of time that I was. and because her writing is wonderfully simple & original. her pics are, too. 

in reckless abandon: because if you go read her blog, you'll get hungry from all the yummy photos and recipes. 

Megan Kristine: 'cause her writing is the bomb and you guessed it -- her pics are great. 

Grace of my Redeemer: because she's creative and likes to talk about Jesus.

Just thought I'd share a couple of my faves (even though I have wayyy more than just six). Comment below with your blog or someone else's you enjoy reading.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

cute bunnies, open windows, and rain

I'm sitting under the window in my room. It's raining and I can feel specks of rain melt on my skin as they come in through the window. Despite the rain, I can still hear the joyful cries of my brothers and sister outside as they play. Despite the rain, light still pours in softly through the windows. I think everything is better with the perfect light.

I'm sitting here, wondering why we waste time doing things that are worthless and will never make a difference. I'm wondering why we don't spend more time changing wrong things and making them right. Wondering why we don't truly love the people around us with all that we are. Time is fleeting and we don't have forever. Maybe we waste time because it's easier. Maybe one day we'll all decide to make a difference and stop wasting time. Maybe one day we'll find that wasting time leaves us completely empty and barren and is so not worth it.

But how do we make a difference?

Sometimes we need to stop trying and struggling to keep the bad out. Sometimes we need to stop screaming for the bad go away.

Maybe we need to just let the good in. It's hard to soak in goodness when you're constantly striving to keep the bad out. Just let the good in, let Him in, and it'll all be ok.

Here's some pics from the past few days, because all of a sudden I thought it would be a good idea to do another "picture a day" challenge. 

for some reason this chicken scares me.

My Grammy paints and she paints well. She teaches me, too. 

I had to post three pictures for yesterday, because the bunny is so cute. We got him for Henry's birthday and he named him "Fufu". Just stop with the cuteness, ok Fufu? 

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

just try to never grow up

"That's the worst of growing up, and I'm beginning to realize it. The things you wanted so much when you were a child don't seem half so wonderful to you when you get them. " Anne of Green Gables