Sunday, May 18, 2014

summer goals

School ends on May 30th. The exciting thing is that learning never ends. And I can't wait to learn this summer, because oh boy, I've sure got a lot of learning to do. 

Here's what I wanna do this summer. They're not plans. Plans can change any moment. They're more like goals. 

I want to finish up high school and be done. This means more ACT test taking and studying, but more time later in the summer to start learning interesting things. Like learning latin or greek (which one should I try?) and reading good books. I want to read a lot this summer and I want to write about what I read. I want to write more of my almost-deserted novel and blog more, too. I want to keep learning about guitars and how to play them. (By the way, my guitar's name is Jude. heeeyy Jude . . . jk.)

I want to take more photos and start photography as a business, not just as a student trying to practice a hobby. Which is kinda scary for me, because sometimes I feel like my photography is awful. I have learning to do, remember? I want to sketch again in my art journal and paint. And just be creative. I feel like all creativity has been sucked from my brain lately. Blah. 

I want to run like I used to and go for hikes outdoors. I want to go exploring new towns and places, because seeing new places makes me feel happy and alive. I want to meet new people and not worry about how awkward I might be. 

I want to keep working at Harvest Café & Coffeeshop. I want to make good food and eat good food. 

I want to be home more and I want to take my sisters and brothers more places. Or maybe just do things at home with them more. 

All those goals seem good and I'm sure I'm leaving more good ideas out. But I feel like a lot of what I just wrote was screaming me, me, me! I don't want to be all about me. If I did want to be all about me I would be living in a lie, because it is not all about me. 

It's about Jesus and other people. I'm not here to be about me. I'm here to be about Him. So this summer I hope I get to do all the things above, but mostly I want to get closer to Jesus. I want to take time to get into the Word and I want to take time to digest the Word. I want to listen to other people and I want to care about other people, not rush by them. 

I have a lot of learning to do. And sometimes I feel like I'm just beginning. 


  1. Oooh , I love this! Your pictures are so unique and pretty!
    I can relate to a lot of your goals-I am also working to start a photography business and I have recently finished high school and planning on getting really into depth with music and history.
    Don't you just love summer? It's almost like the starting of a new year!!!!

    Again I really like your pictures!


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