Monday, May 5, 2014

a video

(watch it in high definition. just do it. please.) 

It's probably a good thing the camera turned off when it did, or else that video would've been a lot longer than 11 minutes.

In case you got lost during my rambling (or in case you didn't want to listen to it at all), I talk about school and the upcoming summer. Then I try to lip-sync the songs that have been stuck in my head lately.

I'm going to post more often. Even if it's just for myself. I promise.

ps: don't you love how the talented Bethany Grace transforms my blog? do you like it? or not so much? let me know. 

pps: yes, I hit the floor with my hand way too much. I don't know why, I think I was trying to prove a point or something. 


  1. hahahhaa I just love you!! well now I'm gonna go lip sing some songs....

  2. First of all, welcome to the life of a public school kid. Second of all, I love your calendar. Thirdly, don't worry so much.


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