Thursday, April 17, 2014

the past few months

Since I got back from Chad, a lot has changed. And I thought the change was only in Chad!

Besides three of my siblings going to public school (it's actually been really good for them), I decided to go to a vocational or technical school in January. I'm in the nursing program. The class is really helpful and I'm learning a lot, although I'm now sure that I don't want to be a nurse. I just don't get excited about it. Today we looked at pictures of punctured and amputated body parts and I was like, "Yeahhh. I don't wanna be a nurse." But everything I've learned is good, useful stuff that I can use later on in life -- even if I don't go into the medical field.

So those classes take up a bunch of my time. Anybody wanna do medical terminology with me?

Oh, and I got almost a foot of my hair cut off.

Okay, that's a terrible picture. (Look at my hair sticking up hahaha.)

Obviously I'm not a good selfie picture taker. But you can see my hair. See?

I have a car! Or a truck, as my mom says. My dad calls it a jeep, but he's a honda passport and I love him. Yes, he's a guy and he doesn't have a name. Anybody have any good car names? Or guitar ones? I thought about Elliot for my guitar, but I want to name a character in one of my books that.

Here's the guitar. I don't know much more than the E-minor chord, actually. And don't even ask what my friend Johnathan is doing . . .

I'm officially a barista now, too. I work at a local coffee shop & cafe. We try to keep super healthy food out there and I get to cook it sometimes. It's fun.

Someone likes to photobomb all my pictures. Thanks, Levi.

So now you know why I rarely post and why I'm so depressed all the time. Jk. But nursing is depressing sometimes. I mean, people are always getting hurt and stuff.

And now I shall end my super, non-professional, rambling post.


  1. I remember those days at technical colleges! I just remember be totally exhausted and brain dead afterwards - so here's big hug!

    Your. Hair. Is. Adorable. And it makes you look reeeaaally old. But I love it!

    (and as far as guitars go - that's about as much as I can do, too!)

  2. I love posts like this! :D I need to post one!

  3. I love posts like this! :D I need to post one!

  4. Haha I love this post! No wonder we have barely been able to squeeze out time to talk... You have been super busy and I know I have. Your passport makes me miss the one I almost had :((( And me and my mom both agree that you're soooo cute and look so old and sophisticated. ;)

  5. Oh and my mom says to name your passport Peter. I promise that's what she said. Now she's saying Mr. Tumnus and Peeta. Hahahaha! I say Stan or Jeffrey. And I like Elliot for your guitar...


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