Monday, April 7, 2014


Sometimes I get scared to create things. I get scared that what I make won't be good or that someone won't like it. I get scared that I'll mess something up. I get scared that what I create won't be as beautiful as what someone else has created.

I get so tangled up in these fears that sometimes I don't create anything. I don't want to write that chapter, or draw that idea, or take that picture, or try to play that song. Besides, someone else will do something better. Some else will create something that people will like better than what I made.

And then it hits me in the face. Art is not about how others judge it or how much better it is than someone else's. Art is not about never messing up. We're going to trip and stumble.

Art is about doing what makes your soul free and your steps light. Art is about sighing with satisfaction when you finish something you love -- or trying again when you're not quite happy with it. Art is about making something that is original and maybe different. Maybe people won't like it at first or maybe they won't like it at all.

We artists need to do what we love. The rest will follow. And maybe, just maybe, by creating something with our own hands, we'll reflect the Artist and Creator of all.

ps: I miss my Chadian people ;)


  1. Your photos are so beautiful! And this post resonates with me so deeply. So good.

  2. these photos are incredible and filled with meaning :)

  3. I love this post; it's soooo true. And I ADORE the first picture!

  4. Stopping by the blog...The chadians miss you too. Semba wants to write you, can you fb message me your e-mail.?


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