Friday, January 24, 2014


"When God created time, He made enough of it." 

I read that quote months ago on Hannah Nicole's blog. (I think she said found it on the back of her tea bag). The quote has been stuck in my head ever since. God gave us time, and He gave us enough. In fact, the time that we might think is ours, is actually His.

I'm having a hard time figuring out a lot of things right now, but one of the biggest ones is time. What do I do with the time I've been given?

So far, my days have looked like this: get up at 5:15 when my alarm goes off, make tea and read Bible, check computer stuff, and get ready for the day. Then (after Heidi, Petra and Henry are whisked off to school) I rush out the door and go to three health science classes at vocational school. After that, most days I head to work at Harvest Cafe. Then I go home, maybe try to squeeze in a run, rush through some more school, try to hang out with my fam, and then by that time I'm ready to hit the hay. And then I start the next day all over again.

It's not that what I feel like I'm doing is bad. I feel like these health science classes are beneficial and I really, really like working at a coffee shop.

There's just some days that I'd like to read novels all day, drink tea, write books, and take pictures. And spend way more time with my family than I have been.

It's a big change, too. In Chad, all I did was watch the MK kids for team meetings on Tuesdays, go to the hills on Saturdays, and have house church on Sundays. It was all pretty low-key. I left the neighborhood less than three times a week. Now I leave the house at least twice a day.

It probably doesn't seem like much to most Americans. But our society is obsessed with controlling time and being busy. It makes me sick sometimes.  Most of us don't have time to sit and chat with a friend and whenever someone asks how we're doing, we say, "Good, but busy." Being busy has become a good thing, something to be proud of.

Maybe if we're busy doing the right things, it's good. But is there something better? In the midst of your daily busyness, in the rush of the day, try to stop. Take a deep breath and just slow down. Spend a minute in thankfulness and gratitude. Make time to actually have a conversation with someone about themselves. Learn more about people -- because in the end, I believe you shouldn't care about how busy you are. You should care about other people and their interests, their dreams and their hopes.


  1. Yes. Good reminder. Thank you. :)

  2. You just splash Jesus everywhere!!!!!!!!!! I love you and I love your beautiful photography.

  3. Just last week, I was thinking about the same thing. Thought I had it all worked out but God showed me someone who needed, really needed, help. I did it, prayed I had not picked up two murderers, and was on my way. In fact, I had MORE time than before and the timing for another person to help ME later that same day was what. . .perfect. Thank you for your insights. Love

  4. We've gotten pretty busy over the past few months (I mean, a busy that was going to happen - my two older sisters have really started getting serious about all that college work, they both have jobs, my oldest sister got her driver's license, etc - as we grow up, there will be things that we have to take on, it's just a part of life, ya know? But anyway...), my mom was not so happy about, commenting that, "We are to be busy at home...Not out of it." I thought it was a good point & applied. ;)


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