Saturday, January 18, 2014

snow bliss

Yesterday we woke up to blinding white snow covering the world around us. It was beautiful. It still is, even though a bit of the snow has started to turn slushy. And you know what the best part of yesterday was? No school!

In the past few months my family has switched from being totally home schooled to "kinda" home schooled. Yes, this happened while I was overseas in Chad. Heidi, Petra, and Henry go to elementary school now and I go half days at a vocational school. So when we woke up (two hours late) and found that school was out for the day, we all got excited. (Heidi cried at first because she wanted to go to school, but Petra and I cheered her up). 

We rushed through our breakfast and chores. Samuel went out into the garage to drag in all the winter clothes and we bundled up tight. Then we stepped outside into the biting cold. In their delight, I don't think my brothers and sisters even noticed the cold. 

Here's a short film I made yesterday while they were playing.

Snow Bliss from Kendra Lynne on Vimeo.

Sometimes I wish I could just be a little kid again, playing in the snow. I've been wishing that a lot lately. I'm having a hard time figuring out how busy I should be, or if busy is good if I'm doing the right things. But somewhere, in the midst of busyness, I need to learn to be like a kid. I need to learn to be flexible, to laugh and to enjoy surprises like snow. So many people can't enjoy things, because they're so wrapped up in rushing to the next thing they think they will enjoy.

See if you can find something small today to get excited about, to be thankful for, and just enjoy.

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