Tuesday, January 7, 2014

one month

It's been one whole month since I arrived at the airport from Chad. I don't think I'll ever forget that day. On the short one hour flight to Louisville I had a flood of mixed emotions. I was exhausted, thrilled, anxious, and not to mention, really hungry. I wasn't sure what exactly I was doing, because the entire time I had my thoughts on my family. I had an eight hour layover in D.C. and I had to pay extra for my luggage. The bag I lugged around was killing my arm.

But when I saw my family it was all so, so worth it. I can't describe that moment very well, other than it was probably the happiest moment of my life and I was balling my eyes out. And I don't cry that much.

This past month at home has flown by. I've spent my time visiting friends and telling them about Chad. I've spent my time hanging out with my fam. I've done some fun stuff that normal teens do (I haven't really felt like one for a long time), like go shopping and ice skating. I am really blessed and so thankful. God didn't have to give me all these blessings, He didn't have to die for me, He didn't have to live inside of me. But He did die for me and He does give me countless things I don't deserve. Our God is so good.


  1. You're brave. Like - really brave. I found out last week I have to fly alone to D.C. to compete in an essay competition - and I've been sobbing ever since. :) You make getting stuck at an airport for eight hours seem like a piece of cake.

    Please assure me - is flying really that horrible? I think I'll die from fear. :)

    But yeah. If I can't even pull the nerve to go to the capitol of America, there's no way I would have the nerve to fly alone to Chad!

  2. To those who have much, much is expected.


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