Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2013 in review


This year was a big year for me. A big, big year. Here is 2013 summed up from my point of view.

In January I was just getting over a time where I really doubted God and who He was. It was extremely hard. I guess I can't say it's the hardest I'll ever experience, but emotionally it was the hardest thing I've ever went through so far.

 February 4th I turned sixteen and got my driver's permit. It wasn't long after that when our friends the Brotens asked if I wanted to go with them to Africa. You all probably know the rest of the story, but anyway, I decided to go. I started saving money and babysitting like crazy. I went to Tennessee on a trip with my family and grandparents.

It was in March that the busyness just got busier. You know what the bad thing is? I can't remember what was keeping me busy. 

April was the month where I finally got to meet my friend (or should I say sister?), Hannah. We played some really good April Fool's pranks and took way too many pictures. We got to pray together in the mornings and stay up late at night giggling. I ran the mini and told myself that I wouldn't run it again unless I was training with someone. And unless I was training with someone who I really, really liked.

I knew that at the end of May I was going to be leaving my home and heading to Chad for six months. It scared me. But it made me excited, too. During the whole month of May so many people were supporting me. I had never felt so blessed.

I arrived in the capital of Chad June 1st. We stayed at a mission compound for that month. Life there was easier in the sense that we still had running water and electricity. I was encouraged by the missionaries there and I got to meet many neat people. Yet that was probably the month that I missed my family and friends the most. I didn't feel like I was doing anything productive.

I guess God was just preparing me for what was going to happen in July. We moved out to another town on a bus. The ride took 13 hours and during the 1st hour two year old Hadassah Broten had already wet her pants in the seat next me. It was a long ride. But the lady next to me did get to listen to Bridgit Mendler which was probably the first for a Chadian. We didn't know what house we were going to stay at. We stayed at one for a few days and then moved to a more permanent house (meaning 6-7 months). The house had no running water and the electricity was scarce. We had no furniture for the first few weeks. It was hard. Really hard. But for some reason it was probably one of the best weeks of my life. I got to visit the small orphanage.

August was the month that I realized how much I had to work on in my life to be who I was supposed to be. God taught me more about being thankful. We got into more of a routine. I got to climb mountains outside of the town and ride camels.

I got sick more in September. That was hard. I missed my family most when I was sick and had nothing to do. I washed a lot of dishes and got some treasured packages. The electricity stopped coming and we relied on solar panels.

In October I decided to do a photo a day challenge. It was good for me. I grew closer to the people in my community.

I knew November was going to be my last month in Chad. I couldn't believe my time was coming to an end. It was bittersweet. I started to say goodbyes and allow myself to prepare to go back. The Brotens started preparing to move to their more permanent home. And my computer broke.

December 7th I arrived in the airport in Kentucky. It all felt surreal. Things have been busy since I've gotten back, but it is so good to be home. Parts of me miss Chad but I have a feeling I'll be back there someday. The people around me have been so generous and I can't tell you how good it is too have your parents know what being overseas is like. I feel loved.

That was longer than expected. But 2013 was a good year. A hard one, but a good one. I'm excited to see what God will teach me in 2014.


  1. If 2013 is like this, 2014 will be epic.

  2. You know, 2013 was really random with awesome opportunities and lessons (although, I must admit, your life is probably way more exacting) - just wait for 2014!


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