Thursday, November 7, 2013


My computer has had some technical difficulties and is resting in my suitcase until I leave. I may try (for the 100th time) to get it to work again, but for now I suppose God decided that I needed more of my fleshly desires to die. Not that my computer can't be used to glorify God, though I guess I could use a break from it these last few week that I'm in Chad.

I won't be blog posting or emailing much in these next few weeks. Reason number one is that my computer isn't working (though I can use the Brotens if I need to) and reason number two is that I have other things I feel like God wants me to work on. I'll email and blog when I can.

I'll still continue the picture a day photography project but I'll probably wait until I get back to the States to post them. For now, here's two pictures I found from the Broten's blog.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Photography project + update

I've decided to keep on going with the picture a day in Chad project, even though I wish that I had decided to take a picture every day in Chad from the beginning of my time here. Some days I've taken several pictures, which will explain why some days there are two "Pictures of the Day". Sometimes I can't decide which ones I like best. :) 

Speaking of my time here in Chad, it really is coming to an end. I leave this small town to the capital at the end of this month and I leave Chad on the 6th of December. I'll be home, Lord willingly, December 7th. The time I've spent here seems to have flown by but at the same time I can't imagine my life without this experience in Chad and it's hard to imagine me being home again. 

Mr. Broten has found a house for the Brotens in the village they've planned to settle down in. We've been packing and Mr. Broten has made several trips out there already. It almost seems surreal to see everything falling into place. God is working and it's incredible not to only see what He's doing, but to be a part of it.