Sunday, October 6, 2013

Chadian Fashion

What teenage girls here in Chad is quite different from what teenage girls wear in the United States. And since I stick out enough as a young woman with white skin, it's best if I try to fit in with the culture a little more and wear the clothes that they do. 

Around the house Chadian women wear house dresses, which are usually nice and cool. They're much cooler than my skirts and shirts. When I go outside in the yard or on the porch, I throw on or tie a tdarha on my head. 

When they go outside of the walls of their house, unmarried Chadian young women wear a black dress called an abio. The dress is a lot cooler than it looks and you just throw it on top of your house dress. Using a bigger tdarha with the abio is also what girls wear. 

There are times when I don't want to wear the headscarf and I just want to throw on a tshirt and a pair of shorts. I know that part of living here means respecting the people and the culture, and I wouldn't be respecting anyone if I walked around in shorts and let my hair down. I have to be honest and confess that I don't always have the best attitude about wearing these clothes. I need God's help not just wear the clothes, but to be joyful while wearing them. 

To lighten up things a bit, here's a picture of me struggling to fix the tdaha. Which is something that happens frequently. I've had several times when my tdaha catches on something or blows completely off and I awkwardly fumble to put it back on correctly. Thanks to Evangeline for taking these pictures. :) 


  1. Wow! I never thought about what Chadian women wore. Thanks a lot for this!

  2. seriously beautiful. I love how simple & elegant the dresses are (and practical - it's hard to find any type of dress or shirt/skirt combination that is cool and won't make you burn up in the heat!).

  3. I love them (especially the second outfit)! Sometimes I think American clothes are just too boring to be real. ;)

    But seriously, I enjoyed this; and you look especially authentic -- even if the head-covering gives you grief (I completely understand awkward fixing of such things...they never stay on your head.)

  4. This is really neat to see, Kendra! :)


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