Thursday, October 17, 2013

Chad photography project days 8-17

In about seven weeks from now I leave Chad. The time has, on one hand, seemed to have flown by and on the other hand I feel like it's been ages since I've been home. I miss my family like crazy and I can't explain how enthusiastic I feel at the thought of being with them again.

I've learned much in the past five months. Though it has been exceedingly hard and my sinful flesh has hated every moment of it, I wouldn't trade it for the world. I don't know how God will use me when I get back to the States but being a part of His plan and His church is such a blessing.

(This is totally unrelated but I'm sorry if you couldn't focus on the two paragraphs above because of the gigantic spider staring at you. I freaked out when I saw it but I was brave enough to throw my flipflop from across the room and hit it. I might be scared of spiders now but at least I still have good aim.)


  1. You are SO right...the spider does distract me.....but I like your paragraphs

  2. Yes, spider is distracting :) But your photos are so lovely. I just what you to know how much you and your story encourages me. To see you travel through such a different world and to be shaped by the Lord is just amazing.


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