Friday, September 13, 2013

five things

my family and friends  -  There's not much I'm going to say about this. Partly because I can't really explain how much my friends and family mean to me and I'm sure I've talked about how I miss them before. 

fresh produce - guys. Don't ever take apples, baby carrots and blueberries for granted. Things like that don't grow here in Chad. The picture of above was taken a few weeks ago and since it was taken during the rainy season, there's lots of green. That's about the greenest it gets here. 

freedom - Wearing what I want, going out by myself or with friends, and being able to play sports. 

being pretty much normal - I guess I'm not normal . . . but it's nice to be in the States and step out of your house without people staring at you and commenting on how white you are. 

fast internet - I can't wait to be able to load iTunes and download music. I can't wait to be able to look up things on Google. I can't wait to be able to go online and get done what I need to in a reasonable time. 

As much as I miss the States, I think that I'll miss Chad just as much. I'd probably stay in Chad forever if I wasn't apart from my family. 


the Brotens - They've become like my second family and we've been through a lot in the past few months together. 

the Chadians - I'll miss the kids that come to our veranda in the morning (more about this later). I'll miss the way they laugh. I'll miss trying to discern what on earth the Chadians are doing or saying. 

rickshaw rides - There are no stoplights, speed limits or road rules here. At least people stay on the right side of the road . . . most of the time. Rickshaw rides are always an adventure and we get to pray for for protection every time we climb onto one. I love it. 

simplicity - At first I thought having to haul water in to take a "shower" or having the electricity out for a month was a pain in the butt. Now I'm learning (surprise surprise) to appreciate these things that make life more simple. By simple I certainly don't mean easy, but this is where I am now and I'm learning to be all where I am. 

the hills - Once you head out of this town, the scenery is gorgeous. I have more pictures that I'll have to show later. 


  1. awesome. this is a pretty intense trip.

  2. People don't comment on how white you are.... unless you're Luke! Every time he goes over to the neighbors and his shorts get rolled up, Eliza is like "U WHITE!!" Haha so funny!


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