Saturday, August 17, 2013


It's astonishing how much things can change in a couple of months. In the past two months, things have certainly been very, very different for me. Not only have I left my family who I've never been away from for more than a week, I've come to live in the middle of Africa with another family. The good things are that this family is a lot like mine, I've lived in Africa before, and I like exciting things.

That is, if you find your mattress sopping wet from the roof leaks in your room and five dead roaches on the floor you've been sleeping on for a week exciting. (Gotta love Chad, you know, there's always something to laugh about).

So it's no wonder I've been trying to make all these new "traditions". For example: movie/candy/game/sleepover Friday night with Nehemiah and Evangeline, pancakes and fried apples on Saturday mornings, painting my nails on Sunday, and every afternoon at 1pm watching the Brady Bunch. My family has never been too much of a "traditiony" family, even if we do have homemade cinnamon rolls for breakfast every Christmas morning. (We have those cinnamon rolls whether we're at Grandma's in the States or in Egypt. And I can't wait to have them when I get home.)

I guess I've just been craving some normal things, in this place where everything is different. Call me  crazy for making up a tradition where I paint my nails on Sunday, but the Saturday morn pancakes are pretty good.


  1. Ha! The cinnamon rolls on Christmas morning is our tradition too!

  2. Cinnamon rolls on Christmas morning is one of MAYBE 3 traditions my family has, haha :) I think it's fun that you're doing all these tradition things, probably nice to have some normalcy in a land full of crazy, haha.


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