Sunday, August 4, 2013

a typical day

(the big blue barrels to the left are where the water is kept, the red tubs are for washing and rising clothes, the tan buckets to the back hold trash and compost, and the pile of clothes in the corner are ready to be washed)


5:30ish am // be up with the sun, Jesus time, early start to the day
7 // eat, dishes, laundry, any other chores, if time say hi to Afra (our neighbor)
10 // study (I only brought a little bit of school that I've done over the summer and continue to do)
11:30 // art with Evangeline (the oldest Broten girl)
12 // read Lord of the Rings to Nehemiah (the oldest Broten kid) and talk about it
12:30-1ish // lunch, cleanup
1 // if internet is on emails and blogging, read, journal, art
3 // guitar, take some pix, whatever needs to be done, play games with kids, visit neighbors, take a walk, get dinner ready
6 // eat, chores, shower, read, phone call home, write on my book
9 // be in bed

This is what my days have been looking like. Of course the schedule often gets changed a lot, either by a neighbor coming to visit, or someone in the family being sick or anything really.

As you can see, we do a lot of what I call "surviving", which is making food, eating it, cleaning it up, getting clean ourselves . . . and starting all over again. It takes a little getting used to, at first I didn't like it, but now it's just one of the many reasons I love Chad. Life is so much more simple here.

Throughout the day I sometimes think, "We could spend so much more time witnessing to the people in this neighborhood if we had a dishwasher, or a stove, or a laundry machine. We could save so many hours of work!" But now that I think about it, the neighbors (who already think we're pretty strange), wouldn't have much in common with us if we had machines to do work or hired someone else to do all of it (though we are very blessed to have Fatuuma come and help us almost everyday and make a meal and do laundry). Not that we should do everything Chadians do (we have spoons now and actually use them), but as much as we can.

I guess I'm crazy for saying it, and at first I didn't really enjoy it, but now I love the simplicity here. and here's a pic of me washing the day's laundry, it's actually pretty fun!


  1. Wow, being in Chad sounds really neat!

  2. I love how I can just see the simplicity in the pictures you take.

  3. Laundry in a bucket. :) Fun!! Actually, it almost might be sorta-maybe-not-really faster than a washing machine. I don't know. :D At camp, I did laundry in the bathroom sink, hardly sanitary....but...it works!

  4. Your pictures and the stories you tell floored me. I amazed at all you are doing, and how much of a good attitude and outlook on all of it! Simple is great once you get used to it. God is really blessing you and your family and I pray he continues to do so! Keep us update!

  5. Love to play in water. You ARE doing a lot. It is where you are that you need to be!

  6. Wow, doing laundry that way looks like fun!!! :)



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