Wednesday, July 17, 2013

the orphanage

Last week I got to visit the only orphanage in this town. Some friends of ours who were here for a couple of days (they left yesterday), stayed at the orphanage and I was grateful out how eager they were to show me around.

The orphanage only takes in babies for a few months, until they can find homes for them. Still, I'm thankful for the work they are doing and the five babies they had were precious. I would love to someday see or be a part of an orphanage that took in the street kids and worked almost like a boarding school, teaching kids to read and write in Arabic, but most importantly that taught them about Jesus's love. One more thing I will be praying about, feel free to pray too. 

As I held the babies and look back on these pictures I am so, so thankful for the home that I've grown in, for my parents who've taught me in truth (even when I was rebellious) who now have let me go overseas and encouraged me in this opportunity, how many parents let their sixteen year old daughter leave home for half a year? I am blessed. 

ps: for those of you who have blogs and leave comments, I haven't been able to answer any questions or read your blogs and I really do wish I could. But the internet here is very, very slow and it takes enough work to just put up a new post and reply to emails + messages. I'm sorry! 


  1. Oh. My. Word. Lovelovelove <3 Baby pictures are pretty much my favorite thing ever, add that they are sweet little orphaned babies in Africa, oh my oh my, be still my heart <3 Can't wait to take some of my own :D

  2. Oh my goodness, African babies captivate me...seriously, it was a beautiful, immense privilege to look through these photos.
    What an amazing privilege to go to an orphanage, I'm so happy you're over there! :)

  3. p.s. I know what you said about internet being really slow and replying to comments or getting emails is a bit hard, but I'd love to email you occasionally, if you'd like that. You've always been a really awesome blogger to me, and such a big source of encouragement and inspiration. I'm also really interested in what you've been doing over in Africa, it's been a pleasure reading about your adventures and praying for you! :)


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