Friday, July 12, 2013

the bus

It's been over a week since I woke up before dawn and said goodbye to the capital, over a week since we piled up into a bus crammed with people, bags, and obnoxiously loud Chadian music. I squeezed into a window sit next to an older woman holding a small potted tree and a bag of groceries, asked her name (then soon forgot it thereafter) and if she had any children. She had six, and they were eagerly waiting for her arrival in Abeche (the town that I'm now in).

When I had run out of things to say, since I don't know much Arabic, I turned my attention to gazing out the window. Soon the buildings, crowds of people, rubble and trash disappeared from sight. Instead miles and miles of dust (with a few scraggly bushes) were there for me to see. Occasionally we would drive by hills, which look like gigantic rocks simply growing out of the ground. Villages passed by, with mud huts and naked children waving at us on the bus.

And I, with my eyes wide, thought, I can't believe I'm really living this. It's hard to explain, this African adventure I've embarked on. Everything is sososo different than how I saw it when I was younger and we lived in Sudan, I'm seeing it with new eyes and as someone who is actually captured by Jesus, not being the little girl of those who are captured by Him. Everything is so different from my loved little town back in Kentucky.

We arrived here in Abeche fourteen hours later, hungry, tired, and me being in desperate need to use the restroom, but alive and well. The lady who I was sitting next to has listened to some of Bridget Mendler's album and has chewed American gum thanks to me. And I have seen enough of Africa's landscape to last me a good long while.


  1. I love this, Kendra <3 I love reading about your adventures!! Pretty soon we'll be on the same continent, just a few countries apart :P (Okay, maybe more than a few.)

  2. Woww..
    Your posts have alwasy been AMAZING, but lately, they have been.... to amazing to put into words. I have so much enjoyed following along on your adventure, and praying for you, and being touched by your photos, and words.


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