Tuesday, July 2, 2013

moving on

Early tomorrow morning I leave the capital and the compound and head out to Abeche with the Brotens (and the Hutts, the other family with our team). We take a bus for twelve hours through Chad and all the way to Abeche, the smaller town, where I'll be staying until I go back to the States in five months. 

The past month here at the compound has been an experience I wouldn't trade for anything. I've gotten to meet missionaries from all over the world and play soccer with little Korean boys (it's official: Koreans are better at soccer than Americans. at least I think so). I'll miss talking with Ahmed, the veggie guy, I'll miss the familiar wick-wack of the fans, and I'll miss weekly trips to Almond Dean, the French bakery. I'll miss being able to take a shower or being able to wash dishes in the sink, there's no running water in the house in Abeche. I'll miss the electricity and the lights (don't worry, I'll still have internet access through phone credit). And though I'll miss the walls of the compound around us, I'm ready to be in Abeche. 

I'm ready to be somewhere where we can settle in a little more, where I can start learning more Arabic, where we can make friends with the neighbors and visit with them. I'm ready to start forming relationships with the people. 

and boy, am I excited! 


  1. Love this post Kendra!!! Excited to hear more about these next few months, have a great time in Abeche! And the kids in the pictures are gorgeous! Sooooo sweet!

  2. Ohmygosh these kids are sooooooo freaking precious!!!! I just wanna adopt all of them!! :)


  3. The are beautiful photos. The little ones are so cute! I hope you have a marvellous time in Abeche. :D

  4. There's just something truly beautiful and mesmerising about African children. They are so beautiful and precious.


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