Monday, July 22, 2013

missing it

Some days in Chad are harder for me than others. I miss having the conveniences I had back in the States. It's been hard, harder than I've expected. Yet for some reason it's been so good, so rewarding.

I miss people back home the most. People that were always there, like my mom, but somehow I never truly was grateful for them.

I miss the way my sister would lean over my shoulder whenever I was doing something, her warm breath on my back. I miss the brownies and pizza rolls we always had during youthgroup. I miss the "dance parties" I would have with Petra, Max and Heidi on Sunday afternoons. I miss the perhaps nerve-racking (but thrilling) car rides I'd have with my friends who were new drivers. I miss cool mornings and chilly nights. I miss worship time at church. I miss the feeling of my bare feet against the carpet as I rushed down the stairs. I putting on headphones and throwing on shorts to go for a run. I miss phone calls with my grandma. I miss being able to wear my hair down and step out of my house without everyone staring at me. I miss when dad rubbed my shoulders at night. I miss the peanut butter and homemade bread in the pantry. I miss air conditioner. I miss the way Petra laughs when I swing her around. I miss when Heidi would steal my iPod and record videos of herself. I miss grass. I miss driving. I miss long, satisfying conversations at Main Street Coffee House. I miss sitting at our table and looking at the faces of my family.

Though I do miss all this, and yes, some nights I cry harder than I ever have, it's still good. It sounds cheesy (and my friends who tease me about my boyfriend named "Chad" will laugh), but I think I'm falling in love this place, this Chad. Sometimes I feel as if I can't stand the heat, the flies, the warabeet, or the dirtiness one more second, but when I really think, I don't want to go home yet. Not yet.

ps: I do wish that trailer for the new movie Catching Fire would load . . . hurry up, super slow Chadian internet.


  1. Praying for you!! I love your pictures. :) I can't WAIT for Catching Fire!! I hope it loads because you are going to be sooo happy! :)

  2. Awww Kendra keep your chin up!!! Jesus is with you!!

    And I know right!??!! 'Catching Fire' is gonna rock the house! Its gonna be AMAZING. :)



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