Sunday, July 14, 2013

all is well

This week has been much, much better than the last. We are far more settled in. I suppose it's true what people say, no matter how hot it is or how hard it is to use a hole in the ground for a bathroom, you can get used to anything with time.

I sit here, with sweat rolling down my hands onto the keyboard, but I'm drinking carcidia, a sour-sweet drink made with hibiscus flowers. I'm reading emails from friends and looking at pictures that capture memories from yesterday. and oh, how good our God is.

here are some blessings from the past few days.

1. I now have a bed, a mosquito net, and crisp, new, yellow sheets. My room is much improved from last week.

2. for the first time in 14 years, I have my own room.

3. solar panels are up and going on the roof. We have the freezer going and a fan blowing on the napping Hadassa and the baby.

4. we are all well, no one sick.

5. quiet time this morning at five forty, when the sun was still fresh in the sky, was beautiful. especially since it was on the roof.

6. while I was on the roof, in the neighbor's tree two birds (I have no idea what kind they were - but they were at least three feet tall) had a mini fight and made the strangest calling I've ever heard a bird call.

7. we went to the neighbors (who have a cookie/biscuit business) and bought cookies. yum.

8. tonight we're meeting with a missionary family here, along with the other family on our team (the Hutts) to have fellowship and worship.

9. the landlord finally unlocked the bathroom (aka another whole in the ground BUT it has four walls and a door). okay . . . the landlord didn't unlock the bathroom. Mr Broten took a saw and sawed through it. yeah, we were pretty desperate.

10. instead of cooking and using a whole pack of matches (like last week), I used one match this time. improvement, maybe? ;)

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  1. Thank you for sharing your adventures with us, Kendra! I've really enjoyed reading about what it's like living in another country.

    I love how you focus on your blessings in a place where i'm sure it's easy to find things to complain about without all the modern conveniences. your thankful-focused heart is encouraging. I can imagine how you would be drawn closer to God there where there isn't as many distractions.

    Also, I had to take a second glance at the picture of you before I noticed it was you. I love how you're blending in to the culture and their dress. Do you like wearing their type of clothes? Btw, you're super pretty; your joy and peace emanate through your smile. :)




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