Monday, June 17, 2013

so what's it like?

"What is it like being in Africa? how is it over there?" they ask.

And I really don't know what to say. What am I supposed to say? First off, I don't know exactly what they want to know about Africa. So I normally laugh it off and say, "Well, it's hot." Then I don't say much else. The funny thing is with my friends back in the States we never really talk about life overseas. So, in order to clear some things up, let me try to explain a little more of it.

Right now I don't have a complete idea of how life is, since we're still at the compound (and we've been here for less than three weeks). But I'm getting used to life here, I think. I'm getting used to taking things slower and not rush rushing like we do back in the States. I'm getting used to sleeping a lot more. I'm getting used to emailing my parents and friends all the time so we can keep up. I'm getting used to messing up when talking in Arabic. I'm getting used to feeling sweaty all the time, I'm getting used to the stares when I walk down the street (nobody stared at me back in the States and now everybody does, just because you're white!). I'm learning to live in the now, learning to enjoy this life where everything runs differently than it does back home.

I'm so thankful for friends and family back home who are praying for me. I know I've said this multiple times, but I am blessed. I'm blessed to have such a good family like the Brotens to stay with. Blessed to have food on the table. Blessed to have this experience. But oh am I thankful for Jesus! I realize more and more how selfish and disgusting I am, especially with these past few weeks being hard, I'm really noticing it. I need Jesus every moment. I need His compassion for the Chadian people, I need His compassion for people here on the compound, without it I'm nothing. Some people think I'm all great and good for going to Africa but I really am not. It's all Jesus. And for Him am I so thankful.


  1. It sounds amazing Kendra!! Thanks so much for keeping us updated!


  2. Sounds different -- and hot! I don't know, but I don't think I could handle the heat. I mean, a heat wave in Wisconsin is in the lower nineties, and everyone's fainting from heat stroke. :)

    Keep smiling, keep learning, keep praying, keep taking it all in. And keep blogging and keeping all us nosy people updated. :D



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