Thursday, June 27, 2013

rain, rain!

the sky rumbles and the heavens break loose
water gushes in mighty torrents
dashing from the clouds into thousands of raindrops
rain hits the ground, penetrating the dust 
soaking the dry, cracked soil 
the air smells sweet and all life is revived

There really is nothing that feels, smells, or even tastes quite as good as a Chadian rainstorm (except, maybe, a rainstorm in the Sahara desert). We run outside to take the clothes down off the clothesline, we rush to shut the windows, and perhaps the lights will flicker and go off, but it's all worth it. Thank you Lord, for blessings like this!


  1. I feel like all these pictures could be in the National Geographic Magazine. Like seriously, each one of them tells a story. They're amazing!

  2. Wow, this is just so surreal and beautiful...your photography skills are amazing, Kendra! Anyone ever told you that?! :)

  3. I can just feel the heat, dust and cool rain.


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