Tuesday, June 25, 2013

I wonder if I've had it wrong

I've read the story that I published in my last post several times in the past week. The last time I read it, I approached it differently, in a new light.

I wonder if I've been getting it wrong the whole time. I wonder if our perspective is mislead and wrong. We pray for missionaries, we pray for martyrs. We can't imagine what they go through, especially the martyrs. Think of Paul, think of the apostles, think of Christians all over the world who are being killed, burned and tortured for their faith. "Poor people," I think to myself, "Giving up everything to follow Jesus. Giving their children up and their lives and their comfort and being in pain to follow Jesus." They're being tortured everyday just for believing.

But what about the people ones who are torturing? What do the communists, what do the guerrillas, what do the secret police, what do the terrorists suffer? Ugh. I can't even imagine. As they beat people, as they throw them in prison, as they burn houses along with families down, as they plan to set off bombs and destroy lives. I wonder if guilt penetrates their hearts, driving into the deepest parts of their souls. Or maybe they've become so familiar with pain, with grief, with loss that they're numb to it. Maybe they think they're too far gone, too evil, too lost to ever turn around or do anything different. I bet they're filled with desolation.

And I wonder. Because yes, I see that our brothers and sisters in Christ are suffering to share Jesus, and yes, I should pray for they would be courageous, that they would be fervent in the Lord. Yet they have joy that comes from Jesus. Oh, such joy! Sometimes I wonder if they have more joy than I do. They have hope. They have peace. They have Jesus.

What about the rest? My heart aches for them. What terror, what uncertainty, what emptiness they must feel! How horrible I am to before have felt hate and anger towards ones who persecute my brothers and sisters.

God loves them. He loves them as much as he loves me. I am not any better than them. I am, oh so blessed to know Jesus, to have this hope. Now it is my turn to share it with everyone -- everyone.

"And so I discovered that it is not on our forgiveness anymore than our own goodness that the world's healing hinges, but His. When He tells us to love our enemies, He gives, along with the command, the love itself." Corrie Ten Boom 

ps// sorry I haven't updated you all much the past several days. everything is going well! just busy learning and learning some more. 

pps// the picture of the little girls is from when we had a few ladies over, that we met in the market. we've been visiting and getting to know them the past few weeks. more on that later! 


  1. oh dear, this is just... wow... so touching and beautiful, and TRUE. you really just made me think about something I've never thought of before. I have a map from voice of martyrs on my wall to remind me to pray for the persecuted church, but oh, I hardly ever pray or even give a thought to the lost souls of those persecuting our brothers and sisters. but yes, our God loves them too, and they are as lost and broken as we once were. thank you for this, thank you for this reminder. aaand the two little girls in the picture are just so adorable. I couldn't help but smile too. :) also, I'm loving to read about your life in Africa, definitely an adventure hun?! :) God bless you there. xoxo
    - Gabi
    (new blog: http://the-happy-nomad.blogspot.com/)

  2. Ah, this is so true. Thank you for sharing this--I felt like it was a fresh cup of water handed to me. Definitely perspective changing.

    You are a blessing!

  3. Thank you for sharing. I know how it is to be without Christ in my heart and when I am treated badly by those who know it or don't, I pray for them to know Jesus. He hung around with the worst.
    Love you

  4. Thank you so much for sharing this! Because of the love of Christ shed abroad in our hearts, the persecuted can love those who hurt them. Thank you!

  5. My heart aches too...this is a fallen world, but at least we have the hope of Jesus. I'm not sure how I'd live without that, knowing all the stuff that goes on.


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