Thursday, June 6, 2013

it's so simple.

I tend to complicate things. I over think sometimes, so much it drives me crazy. Why I'm where I am in life, what I'm supposed to be doing, and if what I'm doing is right. And if others around me are doing what is right. 'Cause ya know, it's my job to keep everybody in line, right? ha.

There's so much stuff in the Bible that is complicated. I wish God would just tell us how to dress, what music was appropriate to listen to, what foods are the best to eat, who and how and heck, even if we should date at all, how many material possessions we should keep for ourselves, how much money every month we were supposed to give away, and how much time we were supposed to spend reading the Bible everyday.

When really, do all the do's and don't's truly matter?

Jesus matters. Love matters. And when you start doing everything in love, when you start showing Jesus, things start to fall into place. Not that everything becomes perfect. Not that you figure everything out. You become content with things being imperfect, you become content with not knowing it all.

Oh how beautiful His love is. When I start to realize how much He loves me, the least I can do is devote myself to loving others and thinking less of me. The rules and this and that don't seem to matter, I learn to accept that every person is different and God has different callings for each of us. Falling in love with Jesus makes everything else fade into the distance.


  1. Live in Grace and legalism goes away? simple

  2. agh. Makes sense...and doesn't...I tend to over complicate things....

    Needed this. :)


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