Wednesday, June 5, 2013

everything is different

Maybe now that I'm older I see it more, or maybe I've just forgotten how different everything is in Africa. How can my life change so much in less than a week? America seems like a dream, and yet when I walked through the market here in Chad yesterday, that seemed like a dream.

But it's not bad, this change, it's just different. The compound is much nicer than I expected. There's a playground in the shade for the kiddos, a trampoline, the electricity stays on almost constantly, the water always runs, there's internet, and the best thing is there's other families on the compound. I got to go out of the compound to the market yesterday with the ladies.

here's what we've been up to in the past few days.

1// the toilet doesn't quite work. So we get to dump a bucket of water as hard as we can to make it flush. fun times.

2// I'm getting used to waking up every morning and already being sweaty. The fans bring relief.

3// I can't describe how good showers feel. it's about the only time of day where I feel clean and not dusty, and not sweaty.

4// handwashing and drying laundry.

5// learning Chadian Arabic. It's different from Sudanese Arabic, plus it's been almost six years since we left Sudan. I have lots of learning to do.

6// reading reading reading. I got a kindle right before I left and me and the two oldest Broten kids Nehemiah (9) and Evangeline (7) have been reading up a storm. Please tell me I'm not the only one surprised when I heard Evangeline was reading the Elsie Dinsmore series. What kind of seven year old does that? Go Evangeline!

7// mango bread, banana bread, and guava juice. yum.

8// drinking lots and lots of cold water.

9// bouncing all the kids on the trampoline.

10// buying veggies from the man (Ahmed) who comes into the compound everyday and sells food.

11// using a mosquito net and trying to get into the habit of tucking it into the mattress all the time.

12// seeing lizards everywhere, the kinds of lizards that back home would be the zoo.

And that's what's been going on.

ps: I know some of you want to see pix of real African people (and I wish I could take pictures of them too) but I want to get to know people first before I start taking pictures. I especially don't want to scare them all off with my big black camera (it's not that big, but to them it is) and that ruin the chance of me getting to know them. Or I don't want people to think I'm here to take pictures, when really I'm here to show Jesus.


  1. new experiences can be daunting and exciting at the same time, especially for me anyway. but then, what's really neat is that those new experiences you're living through become familiar. they become a part of you. and that is really, really neat. beautiful pics!

  2. Wow Kendra, it sounds like a great experience! I'll be praying for you! <3

  3. Evangeline has grown up a lot!

  4. Evangeline is reading Elsie Dinsmore?! wow. i thought i was cool for reading it when i was 10!

  5. What a heart warming post. So sweet to read of the odinary day activities surrounding you and your family. Love Grammt

  6. Don't sweat about the pictures - those little girls are adorable. :)

    It's so weird jumping into a new lifestyle and learning new things, right? And it does seem like a neverending dream. Kinda know how you feel in a weird way...but then again, I don't, since I live miles away from where you do!

    -- Bethany


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