Monday, May 27, 2013

when things seem overwhelming

I was in Walmart the other day picking up a few last minute things for my trip. By last minute, I mean things like long skirts, malaria medicine, underwear, and hairclips. Things that without them, I probably wouldn't last too long in Chad.

First off - let me make something clear. There's a lot more that has gone into preparing for this trip than I thought. A lot. And it's already overwhelming me, especially this past week. But it's bringing me closer to Jesus, which makes it all worth it, but that doesn't mean I still don't feel like I have a lot on my shoulders right now.

So I'm in Walmart and you know how the lines in Walmart are pretty long? Well this one was really long. After what felt like twenty minutes (but was probably only about five or ten) the cashier finally started checking out my stuff. Then I realized that I had left my debit card with my mom and there was no way I had enough cash to pay for what I had bought. To my embarrassment, I put all the stuff back in the cart and tried to get out of that situation as quick as I could. I wasn't sure if my mom was still in Walmart or if she had gone to Lowe's or something. So I pulled out my phone to call her when my phone blinked "low battery" and died.

After walking around Walmart twenty times to see if my mom was still there and deciding she wasn't, I strolled over to Customer Service and asked to use their phone. The lady there wasn't the most costumer friendly, but hey, it's Walmart, and normally it's pretty ghetto. I tried calling mom. Twice. No answer. Perfect.

I walked around the store a few more times and then finally sat down on a cooler in aisle number two and decided to wait it out. Just when I thought things couldn't get any worse, "Baby" by Justin Bieber started playing.

I groaned. Then I had to laugh. Sometimes laughing is just the best thing to do to lift your spirits and change your perspective. 'Cause really, it wasn't the end of the world. My sister Anna finally came back in Walmart (turns out they were at Lowe's). I told her (ok, it was more complaining than just telling) about my situation, she got some cash from Mom and gave it to me. I waited through the huge line at the checkout, but I came out of Walmart alive and well.

Moral of the story: life isn't as bad as I make it out to be. Even if I do feel like I've got a huge load on my shoulders, that's why I have Jesus. and boy, am I sure glad I have Him.


  1. Ah, Wal Mart. ;) And creepily, our Wal Mart song selection must be the same. They play Baby, Paradise, and this other song that sounds like something from Phantom of the opera and goes along the line of, "Help me, help me." IDK.

  2. At least they weren't playing a Beatles song.

    1. haha oh I love you Grammy!

  3. Wow, awesome post...haha...I feel for you having to hear "Baby" by Justin Beiber- that would make your day even worse! Sorry that you didn't have such a great day. I agree, sometimes it just helps to laugh when things just seem terrible. Great post and thanks for sharing!!

  4. Hey, at least they weren't playing "Friday" by Rebecca Black!


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