Wednesday, May 22, 2013

the beans

I've known the Beans (TJ, Melissa, and little Aiden) for a little over a year now. The moment I met Miss Melissa, she was so welcoming and selfless. Melissa is a photographer herself (guys. she's a professional photographer though, okay?) and she's been kind to let me tag along and learn from her.  

Not only is Miss Melissa a great photographer, she's hilarious and we always joke that if we would've been the same age it would've been nuts. 

Aiden is nuts, too. I babysit him and he's my little buddy. I saw him at a restaurant a few months ago and he came running through the place screaming, "I love you Kendra!" best. thing. ever. And TJ likes Star Wars. Enough said. 

Here are some pix from when I went over to their little house last week. It was raining some, but it was probably my favorite family photoshoot so far. The Beans love Jesus and it's written all over their faces.

Enjoy. ;) 


  1. These are sooo good!! That little boy is precious! :) I love the mom's shoes. hehe


  2. beautiful shoot, Kendra! (also, I have that camera, too. I named him simon.)


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