Thursday, May 2, 2013

a fiction or nonfiction short story

We run, bare feet flying, through the tall grass. It whips around my legs and burns, but I barely notice. We're almost to the creek. He jumps in before me, I following a few seconds later. The chilling water nips my skin, but it's so refreshing. I sink down to the bottom of the creek, till my toes touch the icy bottom. Then I push back up, shooting out of the water.

After I suck in a breath of air, I burst out laughing. Two seconds later he's at the surface with me, laughing too. Then I dive back into the water, holding my breath. I open my eyes. They sting for a moment. I forget about the stinging when a small trout swims by. I reach out, trying to grab for it, but it's too fast.

I swim back up. Gasping a breath of air, I blurt out how slippery and fast fish are.

"Or maybe you're just too slow," he says, his eyes shining. I shake my head and splash him. He splashes back. "Hey, come on, there's something I want to show you." 

"What?" I say. 

"A surprise. Come on!" He lifts himself out of the water and I follow. 

"What kind of surprise is it?" My clothes are dripping wet and feel heavy, but with the burning sun shooting down on us, it feels good to be wet. 

He grins back at me. "It wouldn't be a surprise if I told ya now, would it?" I nod in agreement and follow him through the woods. We walk for awhile, silently. 

I breath in, the air smelling like honeysuckle and pine sap. I hear a goldfinch singing it's song above me. The trees seem to go on for miles and even if the ground hurts my feet a little, I don't really mind. 

"Do you like it out here?" He says, breaking the silence. 

I nod. "I miss being near to the woods, even if I do like where we live now," 

"Look, there's what I wanted to show you." 

There's a tree ahead of us, a tall oak. The thick branches seem to reach high into the sky and higher than all the other trees. 

"A tree?" I ask. I like trees, especially climbing them, but for some reason I didn't think it would be this. 

"Yup. I know it's kind of silly and kiddish, but it's sort of my special place, you know." 

I beam at him. "I think it's great. Am I allowed to climb up it?" 

"No. I brought you out to see it, but you're not allowed to climb into my tree. It's too special." He says sarcastically.  

I laugh. "How come you're showing me it though?" He shrugs, then hops up onto the closest limb. He gives me a hand up, and shivers of something I can't explain run through me. Funny how something as small as a brush of someone's hand can make you so excited. We climb to the top, and when we do, you can see through the top of the forrest and even to the house. "So is this where you come to think?" I ask. He nods yes, and we talk for a little bit. About what we want to do with our lives, about Jesus, about school, and just ourselves really. 

Then he looks at his watch. "Good grief," he says, "We should be going." So we climb down. 

"Wanna race back?" I say. And we do, my hair flying, arms swinging, and hearts soaring. 


  1. Kendra, that's amazing!! You're a great writer!!

  2. When do we get to read the rest? :D Nice job. I love your descriptions!

  3. I love it!! Write more!! PLuuueeaaasseee!


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