Tuesday, March 26, 2013

when I have a house of my own

When I have a house of my own, I'll have yellow curtains. I'll have a big open kitchen that will most always be a little messy, just because we'll always be creating one thing or the other. We'll have tea every morning and eat lots of veggies and fruits and make our own bread. We won't a dishwasher (they gross me out) and my husband will always do the dishes.

There will be an attic where the kids sleep. My kids will have bunk beds and we'll have pillow fights. There'll be windows, and possibly a secret room or closet in that attic. It'll be lined with bookshelves and filled with unique nooks and crannies. Speaking of bookshelves, there will be lots of books in my house. Too many to count. There will be homemade stories, that me and my family have made, too.

There will be maps hanging on the walls, along with pictures. Not perfect indoor studio pictures, but real pictures with genuine laughs that really do hold memories.

 In my house there will almost always be music playing, we'll have dance parties and fall asleep listening to classical music. There will be instruments, maybe not in the best condition, but well used and worn. In my house we won't hardly ever watch tv but we'll have movie nights and build forts and eat peppered popcorn.

There will be a room filled with art supplies and we'll paint and sketch on the walls. It'll be called the creative room.

We'll live not too far in the country but just enough to where we have lots of trees to climb and a creek to play in. We might have a golden retriever, maybe sometimes have random pets, but animals stay outside - not in the house. (no cats, please.) We'll have ATVs that might break down sometimes, but we'll always fix them ourselves. My kids will ride bikes and me and my husband will run together.

We'll have kids with very difference faces and skin colors, adopted into our family. We'll go for hikes and take off on road trips and explore places. We'll play baseball and soccer and kickball and frisbee.

Sometimes at night we'll stay up late but mostly we'll get up early and have time to talk to Jesus. Jesus will be in my house and things might be messy sometimes, but He takes messes and makes them beautiful.


  1. I love this post! My favorite part of your house is the creative room. I'm gonna have one, too, and it's going to have chalkboard walls. xD

  2. I think this is one of my favorite posts ever. Yellow curtains, tea in the morning, laughter and love, pillow fights, Jesus... all of it, just yes. (well, except the dishwasher part. I hate washing dishes (ha, I grew up washing dishes all the time) so I defiantly want a dishwasher.) and this line is perfect: Jesus will be in my house and things might be messy sometimes, but He takes messes and makes them beautiful.

  3. That sounds like my kind of house, Kendra!!! :) Especially the kids of different skin colors and races - yes yes yes!!!!


  4. Hah, hah, Kendra! 'My husband will do the dishes'. I like the idea of a creative room.

  5. Oohh! I wanna steal some of your ideas...excepting the dishwashers...and yellow curtains. I want a creative room-don't know about painting the walls all the time...I do want murals though...I have got to have a secret passage, slide, and revolving bookcase to cool rooms.

  6. p.s. Kendra, you should see the Duggars' (19 kids and Counting) house. They have a slide from one floor to another. It's so cool!

  7. Haha, yup, my house is going to be covered in bookshelves,I don't believe that you could ever have too many!
    Do you use a Canon camera? If so, what's it like to use?


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