Friday, March 29, 2013


Sadly, writing about all the things you have to do doesn't make them go away, but perhaps it helps. My life has changed a lot in the past year, especially in the past six months.

A year ago I lived on a farm with over twenty horses, four cows, seven cats, eighty chickens and lots and lots of chicken poop. My life consisted of chores, school, going on runs, exploring the creek, church, and more chores. Going to the grocery store was a treat, I read at least three books a week, and I counted down the days to when a friend would drive all the way out to us and get to hang out.

Now it's hard to remember the last day I didn't babysit, I'm so busy I forget I'm having this friend over, and I lug schoolbooks around everywhere I go. I barely have time to run, and besides, when I get home from babysitting eight hours the last thing I want to do is go run - oh and that phone call I need to make to the bank is keeping me from running anyway.

But the good thing is, it's not a bad busy. I love every single kid I get to play with everyday. Maybe I don't love changing diapers, holding sobbing kids, doing the dishes, or chasing the kids around the house for thirty minutes, but in all, it's good. It's the moments when I tuck them into bed, when we tell each other stories, when I'm tickling them, when we're dancing to music, or moments like the video below that make up for it.

(KK, I luuvee you!)

Still, I need a  little break from it all. And I miss being with my family. While building a tent fort with a boy I'm babysitting is fun, doing the same thing with my little brothers is something I don't really get to do. My little brothers and sisters aren't so little anymore. Nehemiah will be turning four next month,  Petra is reading, and Anna has a job working at a horse ranch. What happened? I'm planning on saying no to most babysitting jobs in May, about a month before I go to Africa, so I can spend time with my family and just slow down a little bit. Besides, I think I'll have more than enough money by the end of April for my trip. 

But for now -- guess what? I'm going a little trip somewhere down south for a week. You'll have to wait to know the details. I will give you one hint though: I don't think I've ever been more excited in my whole life!


  1. let me guess... you are going to see Hannah? ;)

    1. YOU ARE SO RIGHT. how did you know?!?

    2. Well, I read Hannah's blog so I know she lives down south... and I knew you two knew each other and had never met... so... yeah. ;)

  2. Oh. Totally know we're you're going. To Texas, of course - since Texas is the only place people go to down South.

    Or it SHOULD be the only place. :)

  3. Yayy!!!! I'm so excited!!! haha.


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