Friday, March 1, 2013


So yes, I'm taking a break. Isn't it kind of obvious I've already done so without telling?

Things are pretty crazy right now. It's a good crazy, but I'm super duper busy. I'm working (babysitting) all the time, trying to study and juggling all that is a lot. Plus I have some big big news coming up! Y'all will have to wait for that, though.

I really need to rethink the purpose of this blog, instead of just randomly posting twice a month. So I'll be back - not sure when, but I promise I will, and when I do things will be looking better here at magnificent obsession.

And now, I'm off to babysit - thanks everybody for stickin' around!


  1. i know the big news already!! mwuahahha. and YOU NEED TO EMAIL ME!!!

  2. What do you mean you need 'to rethink the purpose of this blog'? Do you mean you want to stick to a topic?

    1. No, I just needed to figure out how much I wanted to post and take a break so when I came back I could have better ideas for what to post. :)


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