Monday, February 4, 2013

sweet sixteen.

Guess what Kendra? YOUR SIXTEEN and you have your driving permit. Oh Yeah!
This is Anna posting on Kendra's blog for her birthday. I guess it something we've done in the past few years. :)


You wake up and its summer outside. Yes, its summer. No more mushy sick and snowy birthdays.

You crank up the volume and sing at the top of your lungs with the radio.

You eat a amazing plate of blueberry pancakes. mmmmm...

You decide it time for a dance party and Everybody joins in.

You get a package in the mail with your novel already printed and edited.

You finished shooting your first wedding and your so amazed at how good the shoots are. { not that you wouldn't get good shoots. :)}

You get to go to a bookstore with all your awesome friends. + Hannah Ours.

You go swimming in the creek with the whole co-op.

You come home and relax just in time to get your 3 new cannon lens.

You get a awesome carrot cake with cream cheese icing.

So that's your b-day. Your so awesome, amazing, and super duper awesome! The best big sister ever.
Remember the song "I am sixteen going on seventeen". Ha-ha, sixteen seemed so old.

Well that's not all I got but all I can write for tonight. I love you, Anna



  1. Happy birthday Kendra! This sounds like an awesome day Anna. :)


  2. aw, Happy Birthday, Kendra! :) I hope you had/have a wonderful day (since I'm not quite sure when your birthday is. ;)), and that this year you will experience many wonderful things in the Lord, and in your life. :) Your blog is such a joy and inspiration to read.

    much love, m

  3. Thanks everybody! You're all too nice.


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