Monday, December 31, 2012

out with the old and in with the new

I've had an adventure this year. Sometime in late 2011 I decided to take a leap and let God completely take over my life. Things got crazy but in the end, I have to say my life makes so much more sense that it did last year. I've learned and grown so much. I can't be prideful though -- all the credit goes to Jesus.

In January I realized how much God really loves us. I learned love isn't a feeling. I learned I couldn't be good enough for anyone, much less God, on my own. We also went to Tennessee and I saw the smokies again. In February I turned fifteen. (funny how fourteen seems so young now) I learned that even when I don't feel God, it doesn't mean He's not there or any less great than He is. I spoke at a middle school with my brother and wondered what sort of stories all these faces I spoke to had to tell. In March I started running a lot more and read all the Hunger Games books, and saw the movie. It sounds weird but those books changed the way I look at life and the way I view our culture. I mean seriously, am I the only one who thinks America gets more and more like the evil capital everyday? It's creepy. I learned to let go of all my dreams and plans and everything really and just give it to Jesus. His plans are so much bigger than mine. I also got my Cameron and freaked out. DSLRS have so much better quality than the cameras I'd been using over the years, and I seriously wouldn't put mine down. I also became so much more thankful for life that month. In April I grew closer to my church and youthgroup. I watched a hot air balloon take off. I let some negative thoughts take over myself for awhile but then realize how blessed I am. I starting telling stories through pictures. In May I learned that I don't have to clean my mess up before coming to Jesus. I can run into his arms, dirty as I am, and He will change me. I got the 50mm 1.8 lens and I learned to step back and enjoy life. In June I grew more excited about the path God was leading me down and fell more in love with Jesus. I shot my first official family photoshoot. I went to Philly in July with my youthgroup and that was a life changing experience. God worked in the lives of all the people we reached and worked in ours. In August I said goodbye to the farm and we moved in town. I learned that God will use me wherever I am. In September I grew more active in living out my faith and found my identity in Christ. I actually started to like our little town. In October I did more photo session with families and my first senior shoot. I started to really love the people I'm around and prepare myself for going back overseas. We went to Florida and that was nice and relaxing. I learned to be thankful all the time, not just at thanksgiving in November. I realized how fast times flies. And that God allows everything for a reason. December has been so amazing and I'm blessed with all the gifts God has given me. There will always be ups and downs to life, but with God, things can never be better.

That's my long (but honestly short) review of 2012. This year I have new things I want to do and learn, but honestly I just want to fall more in love with Jesus and give glory to God through that. (you can read more on my tumblr blog that i just got) Since that is what makes life matters.

So with that I can now say: BRING ON 2013!


  1. Awesome, Kendra...bring on 2013!!

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