Thursday, December 6, 2012

grammy's house

There's something comfortable and familiar about it walking into your grandparents' home. It's usually quiet, but there's still that same piece of furniture here, the same rug there. The same pictures hanging up.  The same books line the wall and the same welcoming fresh smell fills the air.

Tools are scattered in the basement here and there, where Papa has been working hard on a project. Yarn and knitting needles are in a basket in the corner. Grammy has sketched and painted a new canvas. The kitchen is tiny, but there's always enough food. The food is healthy -- yet somehow Grammy makes it taste delicious.

I get a cozy warm feeling inside, especially when I hug my grandparents, my arms wrapping around them. This place stays the same, no matter how many times I move, no matter how much I've changed.

Then, if it's a holiday, or if other family members are visiting, grammy's house gets even cheerier. Laughter fills the rooms and echoes off of walls. Smiling faces and little eyes that are sparkling, bright with joy.

Many happy memories stay in Grammy's house. Maybe that's why I like it so much. Or maybe it's because every time I walk in I see someone I love.


  1. I absolutely love going to my grandparents' house!! :) Seeing everything that's been around since before I was born is definitely comforting and nice. :)


  2. You perfectly described my own Grammy's house! Lovely photos.

  3. Same here! And why's your Photography so amazing?!!


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